About Us


About My Structured Settlement:

My Structured Settlement is a direct purchaser of structured settlements and annuity payments.

We employ highly trained, educated, financial professionals each of whom has the knowledge and skills to find the optimal solution to our clients’ needs.

My Structured Settlement has purchased over $1 billion in structured settlements, annuities, and lottery receivables. We helped on thousands of medical malpractice cases the most common settlements topping hundreds of millions in case resolution. We also get you cash now upfront money for: Wrongful death, Personal Injury, Lawsuit Settlement, Guaranteed & Life contingent.

We have helped clients bridge the gap in times of need, short of cash, bills piling up and just need breathing room.

Our team has over 20 years-experience in the annuity and structured settlement business. Our highly skilled agents have serviced thousands of structured settlement annuitants. We pride ourselves on transparency and delivering your solution thru approval process. We understand it can be difficult to get approved for restructuring your annuity. Our experts understand how to position and package the deal for the highest approval rating to help you achieve your goals!