Pennsylvania business council Domain Purchased By

Friday, June 20, 2021 Wolf names McGinty for independent campaign committee Thomas Fitzgerald, The Inquirer Thursday, June 19, 2021 Tom Wolf, the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania business council governor, short-circuited a nasty fight for control of the state party Thursday by announcing an independent campaign committee to investigate structured settlement for cash companies and will take over many of its functions. Katie McGinty, a former rival for the nomination, will head the Campaign for a Fresh Start, Wolf said. The organization…

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Can Tort Victims Who Need Income Fix the Structured Settlement Industry?

My dad always said don’t fix what isn’t broken.  Well, the structured settlement industry is broken, but it’s not irreparable.   Tort Victims like the families dealing with the deaths of loved ones at the MGM mass shooting and people like them, to the tune of over 1 Trillion in new money have the buying power, and choice, to make the structured settlement industry whole. What’s the problem?  The problem is that due to property and casualty companies incentives to structure…

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