My Structured Settlement is a purchaser of assets and does not provide financial, tax nor legal advice. Please consult with independent professionals for such advice.

All transactions are at the sole discretion of My Structured Settlement. My Structured Settlement shall not and does not discriminate for color, race, religion, gender, age, ancestry, gender expression, disability, sexual orientation, military status, or marital status in any of its operations or activities.

Each circumstance amounts and time frames for cash advances are based on individual circumstances. Cash advances are subject to meeting our underwriting requirements and are made at our sole discretion, which include

(1) reviewing, executing and returning our structured settlement payment purchase contract and any other required documents to start the court order process,

(2) confirmation your receiving tax free periodic structured settlement payments

(3) our review and approval that you can lawfully enter into an agreement to sell a portion of or all those payments to us conforming under state transfer statutes, if applicable,

(4) our review and approval that we deem it can be approved by a court of competent jurisdiction; and

(5) satisfaction of all our underwriting guidelines by the settlement holder. This offer is open to U.S. Citizens and / or permanent legal residents who reached the legal age to represent themselves in their respective state as of the day they call for this offer. This offer is not valid in Rhode Island, West Virginia, Maryland or Vermont and is void where prohibited.

Call 1-888-903-3336 for more details.