Pay For Home Renovations, using Structured Settlement Payments


Before you decided to purchase your home, you spent a lot time looking at properties. It might have been the right decision for you. However, that doesn’t mean everything about the property is perfect. You probably had some ideas for how to improve your home within the first month of moving in. You are not the only one.

The Chicago Tribune reported on a Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report that showed that American families will spend $310 billion annually on home renovations in 2016. If you have a great home, why not make it even better?

Benefits of Renovating Your Home With Structured Settlement Payments

You get to enjoy every home renovation. There are a few immediate benefits to improving your home. You will be the one taking a bath in your updated master bathroom or playing pool in your finished basement.

Renovations can also have a personal benefit, increasing the home’s value, which could help you get more money when you sell the property. Sometimes, the home’s value will increase more than the amount you spent to make it. It’s not guaranteed though, as a buyer may have a different idea of the ideal home. This is something you should consider if your property needs to be updated.

Structured Settlement Payments
House Construction Framing using a Structured Settlement Payout

Renovating your home with a structured settlement payment?

Renovations to your home can be costly. According to Home Advisor, an average bathroom remodel will cost $10,945. Most homeowners will spend between $6,596-$16,369. Master bathrooms can cost upwards of $25,000 and more. The majority of homeowners don’t have the money to spend on master bathrooms in their savings accounts. They will have to borrow it.

Traditional Bank Loans

You can apply for loans from banks and credit unions to get the cash you need. These loans have lower interest rates than a mortgage but have a shorter repayment period, which can help you pay off your debt faster. You can find the best interest rates for a home loan at

Credit Cards

Many stores sell store cards that promise low interest rates and other incentives in order to get you started. These cards can be used as a short-term loan if you have excellent credit or plan to pay everything off before the promotional period ends. If you don’t pay the card off promptly, the costs could quickly add up.

Credit card rates are often higher than bank loans and you may end up paying thousands more in fees.

Other sources of funding

Refinancing your mortgage may not be possible if your home’s value has decreased since you purchased it or if you have had financial problems in the past. Refinancing your mortgage can increase the amount of time you have to make payments. This could result in thousands of dollars in interest.

Bank loans are more difficult to obtain approval for because they require a longer application process and higher interest rates than home financing. What other options are available if you don’t wish to borrow money from traditional lenders?

Structured settlements may allow you to sell some or all of your payments in order to receive a lump sum of cash.

Receive a lump sum from your Structured Payments

You can sell your settlement payments so that you can spend your money on your renovations and not someone else’s, but first make sure you find the right structured settlement brokers to work with. We just give you the option to use your money when you need it.

There is no interest to pay or debt when you sell your structured settlement payments or structured annuity. You own it, you don’t have to borrow from anyone. You might not need to sell all your payments depending on how large your renovation project is. This means you can still get your lump sum but receive some of your future payments as part of the cash out structured settlement.

This can be a great way for homeowners to reduce their debt and find funds to pay for the improvements they want. Contact one of the best structured settlement companies if you are interested in finding out more about a structured settlement and how it could be used to transform your home. One of our experienced representatives will review your settlement and offer suggestions on how to convert it into cash lump sums.


At the end of the day, consult with your financial advisor about the best way to proceed. It might make sense to just cash out refinance your home mortgage so you should find out what the best home mortgage interest rates and options are available.

I don’t think using credit cards to pay for a remodel makes sense, however, borrowing money from a friend might not be a bad alternative either. may deliver options favorable to leveraging your structured settlement payouts to remodel your home. Discussing your finances and structured settlement options are a touchy subject and private matter because it can be emotionally challenging depending on what’s transpired resulting in the cash out settlement. Privacy and confidentiality about your case is our utmost duty. We want to present you with options to review that best fit you.

There’s no right way to go about this, sometimes it makes sense to not do anything at all. Timing in life is everything, we’re here to guide you along the way and give the best possible structured settlement education possible. We are located in sunny San Diego, CA but happy to travel anywhere in the United States to meet you in person to go over your case. We usually fund transactions in 90 days to 180 days. In some cases, our client’s require immediate cash and we can do that as well but first need to understand the lay of the land in your scenario so we can put together a reasonable offer that makes sense for both sides to get you cash in 24 to 48 hours.

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