Frequently Asked Questions

Lump sum or annuity, how do they compare?

If you have a scheduled annuity that no longer suits your current circumstances, selling part or all of your future payments for a lump sum can give you the funds you need. A lump sum can be invested again or put toward emergencies. Cashing in your annuity for a lump sum now can keep you out of debt and help you save money for the future.

What is an annuity?

An annuity is a form of investment that pays out income over a determined period of time. The size and length of the payments depend on what type of annuity you have, some paying out over a certain number of years and others for the owner’s lifetime. A 10% early withdrawal penalty before age 59 ½ and tax-deferred investments make it a common option for retirement planning for many Americans.

How do I know if a lump sum or an annuity is better for me?

Call 1-888-903-3336 to discuss your options with a Funding Executive to discuss how you can make the most of your money.

Should I sell my entire annuity?

Depending on your needs, selling the entirety of your annuity is not always necessary.
Many people sell only a part of their future annuity payments in exchange for cash. Our
Funding Executives will help you decide how much of your annuity you should liquidate
to meet your needs.
Why should I trust my annuity to Benchmark?
With over $1.2 billion of annuity and other cash flow purchases, we have the experience
needed to ensure that we are the most respected annuity purchaser in the industry. Our
experts have a 98.6% success rate for court approvals.
Which types of future cash flows does Benchmark buy?
We buy future structured settlement, annuity, and lottery payments. We also have a
Professional Services division that specializes in non-standard cash flows that cover
anything from bankruptcy liquidation to sports contracts.
How long does it take to get lump sum cash for my settlement payments?
The process in getting a settlement approved can vary by state, with some states taking
longer than others. You should expect to get your money from anywhere between 60 –
90 days; however, some people may qualify for an advance on their money, depending
on their situation.
Do different states have different waiting periods?B
What information do I need to sell my structured settlement payments?
Please have a copy of your structured settlement policy, social security number, driver’s
license, and one other form of ID handy when you call your Funding Executive. This will
make the process go much quicker than if you don’t have them on hand.
Can I sell my disability payments?
No. Disability payments are not assignable contract rights.
Can I still work with Benchmark if I had another company handle previous
structured settlement payment sales?
Absolutely! Even if you’ve worked with other companies to sell your structured
settlement payments in the past, you can still work with us. Your Funding Executive can
give you more information on the phone.
How long does it take to get a quote?
Most people will have a quote by the end of their initial call with a Funding Executive.
What type of payments will Novation Settlement Solutions NOT work with?
Benchmark Settlement Funding will not work with retirement funds, workman’s
compensation payments, child support payments, unemployment benefits, divorce
settlements, social security disability, or pensions.
Do I have to sell all of my structured settlement payments or can I just sell
just a portion?
That’s completely up to you. Our Funding Executives will work with you on many
different options depending on how much cash you need.
Will I have to pay taxes on the sale of my structured settlement payments?
There are usually no taxes owed as structured settlement payments are tax-exempt.
However, it never hurts to check your state laws or confirm with a tax advisor.
What else do I need to know about Novation Settlement Solutions?
We understand that selling portions of your structured settlement or annuity payments
can be a long and confusing process, so that’s why we make sure we take our time and
always keep you in the loop.
What is a structured settlement and how does it work?
The conclusion of a personal injury lawsuit is often in the form of a payment of damages
to the plaintiff. Sometimes, the payments come in the form of a structured settlement, a
long-term annuity paid out over a set period of time. This can be over a series of years or
even a lifetime, and payments can be deferred in order to fund retirement. Payments
from a structured settlement are tax-free, providing future financial stability for you and
your family.
Why should I sell my structured settlement?
Once signed, a structured settlement agreement generally cannot be changed. If your
structured settlement doesn’t fit your changing life, you can sell your payment stream to
receive the cash you’re owed at a better time for you.
Do I have to sell all future payments from my structured settlement?
No. Most people sell only a portion of their structured settlement payment stream.
Depending on your needs, selling the entirety of your structured settlement is usually
not necessary.
How can I sell my structured settlement?
You can schedule a free consultation with Benchmark using our form or by calling
1-888-903-3336. Our team of experts will help look at your structured settlement
agreement and determine what portion of the payment stream you should consider
liquidating into usable funds.
Why should I trust Benchmark?
Since our conception in 2000, we’ve purchased over $1.2 billion in structured settlements
and similar cash flows. Benchmark is a member of the National Association of
Settlement Purchasers and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We hire
only the best people who care about our customers and it shows: we enjoy the lowest
turnover rate in the industry and a 98.6% success rate with court approvals.
I sold part of my structured settlement already. Can I sell more?
Yes! Whether you’ve worked with us before or sold part of your payment stream
elsewhere, we’re happy to assist with turning more of your structured settlement into
funds you can use.
Can I sell my annuity?
Absolutely. Selling your annuity in exchange for cash you can use now is an efficient way
of recovering the money you own without paying a penalty for withdrawing too early.
Benchmark Settlement Funding can purchase a partial or entire annuity and give you
accessible cash to help you through your financial needs.
When will I get a quote?
Most people will get their quote by the end of the conversation with their Funding
What is a lump sum payment?
A payment awarded, often as a result of a personal injury lawsuit, all at once is a lump
sum payment. As opposed to an annuity, which pays out over time, a lump sum
payment does not have long-term reliability. However, a lump sum is more practical for
situations of financial need. In such cases, you can sell