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The domain was acquired by, a privately-held California Structured annuity company, founded in San Diego California in 2019, which assists clients with annuity payments and large cash lottery awards.

Now with the acquisition of seeks to expand its operations in the industry of annuities and structured settlements in the San Diego area and the rest of the United States. Since 2019, com has to help thousands of clients turn their lottery winnings, lawsuit settlements, and other long-term payout plans into instant cash they can use immediately.

Thekincannonfirm & Structured Settlements Domain Purchased By

The acquisition of was facilitated by the internet marketing company which specializes in link building by purchasing used domains. This will allow to become more efficient communications-wise to boost the scope of the distribution of its products. expects to be recognized as one of the top serving intuitions for annuities and settlement debt in 2021.